Parents of Extraordinary Children

To inform, empower, support and advocate for families of children and young adults with Special Needs within the Southeast Side of Chicago

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Helping Families Advocate

Helping Families Advocate


With help of volunteers & representatives from city wide organizations, Parents of Extraordinary Children (PEXC) provides opportunities for IEP training, learning to navigate the Special Education process, understanding terminology, initiating the process of evaluation,  Transitioning and more.



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Community Resources For Families

Parents of Extraordinary Children hosts monthly meetings, We welcome various organizations from around the City of Chicago, whom address a variety of topics relative to families of children and young adults among the 14 categories of disabilities.
Meetings are held 7:00 to 8:30 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month (excluding December), unless otherwise posted.  Our  meetings are currently held virtually due to Covid regulations (In person meeting are postponed indefinitely). PExC also organizes an annual Community Event, which invites vendors to bring key resources to the 10th ward.
Support Group
Community Resources For Families


Parents of Extraordinary Children organizes several events throughout the year, including  an annual community event, as well as others geared towards registered and active families.



It is our goal to develop a Therapeutic Sensory Gym and Resource Center. We aim to provide families with onsite consultation, hands-on therapeutic activities, skills training, social groups and activities, within an all-inclusive setting. We are currently operating as our Support Group, of which we hope to evolve into a parent resource center in affiliation with local organizations.
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Not everyone has money to give, others would rather help with a hands on approach. Consider Volunteering today.